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Aw, shit! I just realized it was you. I’m going to Balance and Composure on the 25th! masagua

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masagua has asked: What's the next show you're going to!?

Riot Fest!!!!

Anonymous has asked: I'm so hypocritical because I always tell my friends not to feel bad about rejecting boys and not to let them guilt them into talking to them but I'm the worst at rejecting guys I always have to say sorry or just completely ignore their messages and ugh I have no backbone I always feel so bad and I don't want to hurt their feelings :/

That’s a really normal thing actually. It’s not too good thought because you shouldn’t feel forced into something you don’t want to do. Just try and start pushing yourself to learn to say no.

Ask me things and/or start a conversation with me, anon or not.

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